Glasgow Caledonian University, also known as the University for the Common Good, is a dynamic and culturally diverse civic university guided by strong values. It takes great pride in being an institution that strives to effect positive change and make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Within a determined, concentrated, and self-assured learning environment, the university provides exceptional education and research while maintaining close relationships with employers and students. This is exemplified by the scholarships it offers, which align with its mission of promoting the greater good.

This article will cover the types of scholarships provided by Glasgow Caledonian University and provide tips on how to apply for them.

Types of GCU scholarships available

There is a core belief at Glasgow Caledonian University that education should be for everyone, irrespective of their background or financial capability. It is for this reason that £2 million is set aside annually as a scholarship package for undergraduate, graduate and research scholarships.

1. Undergraduate Scholarships

Who qualifies for the undergraduate scholarship?

All students from:

  • England
  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales
  • Republic of Ireland

GCU undergraduate Scholarships benefits include:

  • Tuition fee support
  • Help with living costs
  • Mentorship opportunities to work with those who inspire you and those who are inspired by you.

Several bursaries are established to provide additional support to students and expand their access to scholarships, some of which include the Sir Alex Ferguson Scholarship and other award funds.

Some GCU Undergraduate Scholarships available include:

  1. RUK (Rest of the UK) and Ireland Common Good Bursary: This scholarship is open to students applying from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland who choose to study for their undergraduate degree at Glasgow Caledonian University.
  1. Moffat Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded according to academic ability; motivation to undertake a career in the tourism industry, and economic need. Up to £3,600 award fee will be paid over two instalments over the academic year for Undergraduate students.
  1. GSBS UG Business Scholarship: The Glasgow Caledonian School for Business and Society (GSBS) is delighted to introduce new fully funded postgraduate scholarships for Home/EU students to help support the cost of tuition fees for selected courses commencing September 2023
  1. Carnegie Trust Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grants: This is an external grant and is not awarded by GCU. It is open to Undergraduates who are educated in Scotland and from a low-income background
  1. Oh Polly Scholarship for Black British Fashion and Marketing Students: The Oh Polly Scholarship package includes an annual stipend of £2500 supporting successful candidates throughout the duration of their studies at GCU. Additional benefits may include work experience and other opportunities to engage with the company.

2. Postgraduate Scholarships

Glasgow Caledonian University places great emphasis on education as a basis for societal prosperity, which is why the university provides a substantial scholarship of £2 million annually for postgraduate students pursuing advanced studies.

GCU undergraduate Scholarships benefits include the:

  • Tuition fee support
  • Help with living costs
  • Mentorship opportunities to work with those who inspire you and those who are inspired by you.

Some GCU Postgraduate Scholarships available include:

  1. US Common Good Scholarships: With a Us Common Good scholarship from Glasgow Caledonian University, you can get to study in Glasgow or London, which are popular cities for international visitors. You’ll get a high-quality education from leading academics in their fields and it won’t cost you too much to live there.
  1. Glasgow School of Business and Societal Scholarship: This is a partially funded scholarship by the Glasgow School for Business and Society (GSBS) for Scottish and UK students that covers the cost of tuition fees.
  1. Postgraduate Ambassador Scholarship: This scholarship is open to any International fee-paying student who has an unconditional offer on a master’s degree in either the Glasgow or London campus and can demonstrate how they have contributed to the Common Good.
  1. MSc Climate Justice Scholarship: This scholarship offers 2 full-time International fee-paying students holding an offer of study with GCU funding towards their tuition fees.
  1. Ernst Maas MA TV Scholarship: The scholarship is available to UK residents who have applied for the full-time Masters (MA) program in Television Fiction Writing and have been offered a place in the course. The scholarship will cover the full tuition fees of £9,000 and also includes a one-time non-repayable grant of £4,000 to help with living expenses while studying. The course is taught in person at Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow.

3. Research Scholarships

A scholarship contest will be conducted to evaluate exceptional applicants, after which the scholarship recipients will be chosen by the selection committee based on the quality of their applications and, if applicable, their research proposals.

The call for PhD studentship-funded projects is generally advertised in December each year, with application deadlines in January or February for admission in the following academic year. However, studentship opportunities may also arise at other times throughout the year, and interested applicants are advised to monitor the university’s PhD project announcements regularly.

Each studentship-funded project advertisement has its own application deadline, which can be found in the advertisement. After the deadline has passed, applications will be reviewed, and suitable candidates will be invited for an interview. Following the interview process, the chosen candidate will be awarded the studentship.

GCU research benefits include:

  • Tuition fee funding
  • Financial support, usually in the form of monthly stipends
  • In most cases, the project area and often the project itself will be fixed

Some GCU Research Scholarships available include;

  1. New to GCU international scholarships: This £4,000 discount scholarship is open to self-funded international and EU research students who study a full-time course with Glasgow Caledonian University from the academic year 2023-2024.
  1. Carnegie PhD Scholarships: The  Carnegie PhD Scholarships is open to considering any research discipline. However, the prospective PhD student must have a first-class honours degree from an eligible Scottish University or HEI and the first-class honours degree must be in a subject related to the field of the proposed doctoral studies.
  1. Global Talent Award Scholarship: The applications for the GTA will open in April 2022. The scholarship opportunities will either be advertised as funded projects that will support the fees or will be determined by the recruitment panel that will review the applications for the studentship competition.
  1. Research Loyalty: The Scholarship provides a 20% discount on research tuition fees for all alumni of Glasgow Caledonian University. This means that if you completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at GCU or one of its founding institutions, it becomes more feasible to pursue research studies. 
  1. Travel Scholarships: Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is placed among a group of more than 40 educational institutions across the world as a Changemaker Campus. As a student or alumnus of GCU, you become a member of a global community of individuals who are dedicated to creating a positive impact on a global scale. By taking advantage of Glasgow Caledonian University’s extensive scholarship fund of over £2 million, you can also apply for various travel scholarships and opportunities that can provide you with a transformative international education experience.

GCU Travel Scholarships benefits include;

A travel award of £1,000

Some GCU Travel Awards available include;

  1. Christina Frederick Miller Travel Award – for travel to Malawi
  2. Santander Travel Awards – for all travel

Glasgow Caledonian University has been guided by the principles of its founding donor, Sir Alex Ferguson, who said, “If you provide opportunities to young people, you will be amazed at what they can achieve.”

As a result, the university offers various financial support options to its students, such as funded scholarships, bursaries, tuition fee reductions, and loyalty rewards. This article contains information that can help you explore and take advantage of scholarship opportunities that may be beneficial to you.

At Scholarship Monitor, we are committed to providing you with up-to-date information on scholarship opportunities. Make sure to always check back for more updates and take advantage of the resources we have provided to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

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