Scholarship Snapshot
Full-Tuition plus $20,000 sign-on bonus
Scope (full or partial): Full scholarship
Target Country: United States
Target Audience: Health Professionals
Deadline: Rolling

Through the esteemed F. Edward Hébert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP), the U.S. Army offers some of the most comprehensive support within the healthcare sector.

This generous scholarship offers full tuition coverage, a substantial monthly stipend exceeding $2,000 for eligible students, and access to the vast and advanced U.S. Army healthcare network. These benefits are accessible during your academic journey and continue post-graduation, contingent on your commitment to serve on the Army Medical Team, where you’ll contribute to the well-being of America’s Army, both domestically and internationally.

The HPSP scholarship welcomes aspiring physicians, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, clinical or counseling psychologists, family nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and certified registered nurse anesthetists, provided they meet the criteria.

According to reports from the American Medical Association the average cost of four years of medical school has exceeded $250,000, along with living expenses and the expenses associated with launching a medical practice post-graduation, not to mention the rising cost of malpractice insurance, this is the reason why the Army HPSP stands out as a prudent choice.

When you’re pursuing an advanced healthcare degree, your focus should be on your education, not financial concerns. Eligible students under the Army HPSP not only receive full tuition coverage at accredited medical, dental, veterinary, psychology, or optometry programs but also enjoy a substantial monthly stipend exceeding $2,000, ensuring a financially secure educational journey.

For those with aspirations in healthcare or currently enrolled in a graduate healthcare program, exploring the Army’s HPSP is a wise decision. It offers the means to embark on a secure medical profession without the burden of significant financial debt.

Benefits  of the Army Health Professions Scholarship (HPSP)

  • Full Tuition Coverage: The Army commits to covering 100 percent of your tuition expenses for up to four years, depending on your chosen specialty, at any accredited school in the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • Financial Support for Books and Fees: In addition to tuition, the Army provides financial assistance for required textbooks, mandatory health insurance, most equipment, and academic fees associated with your education.
  • Generous Monthly Stipend: You’ll receive a substantial monthly stipend of over $2,000 for 10 1/2 months each school year, with adjustments made annually in July to account for changes in the military pay scale.
  • Sign-On Bonus and Financial Incentives: The opportunity for up to a $20,000 sign-on bonus and other financial incentives adds to the financial benefits. You can continue your studies on campus while receiving active duty pay and allowances during breaks. For six weeks each year, you’ll earn Army officer’s pay as a second lieutenant while training at Army healthcare facilities, enhancing your overall financial package.
  • Salary Growth and Allowances: Upon commissioning as a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve, you’ll experience salary increases with promotions, time in service, and annual cost-of-living adjustments. Your income will rise as you progress in rank and years of service. Additionally, you’ll receive a monthly non-taxable allowance for food and housing.
  • Long-Term Financial Support: The Army Health Care Team commits to covering 100 percent of your tuition for graduate-level healthcare degrees at accredited programs in medical, dental, veterinary, psychology, or optometry fields, ensuring long-term financial support throughout your education and career.
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Who’s Eligible for the Army Health Professions Scholarship (HPSP)

The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is open to students seeking advanced degrees in fields such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, psychiatric nursing, optometry, and psychology. To be considered for the program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold U.S. citizenship and possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Be currently registered in, or possess an acceptance letter from, an accredited graduate, doctoral, or medical school program in the United States or Puerto Rico (requirements vary by specialty).
  • Maintain full-time student status throughout the program.
  • Meet the requirements for becoming a commissioned Officer in the United States Army Reserve.
  • Active duty status in the Army
  • In progress or completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school

Your Obligation

In exchange for the Army’s scholarship, you commit to serving a specific duration tied to the scholarship’s length, with minimum service periods varying by healthcare field. For example, medical students pledge a minimum of two years, while dental, psychology, optometry, and veterinary students commit to at least three years, with additional obligations for residency and fellowship training.

As a medical student, you’ll serve a minimum of two years as an active-duty Army physician for every two years of scholarship support. Extra half-year service is required for each additional half-year of scholarship backing. If you pursue military residency training, you’ll serve six months for every six months of post-internship training.

You can fulfill your service obligation simultaneously with your scholarship payback period, which begins after training concludes and you’re no longer in training status. To address Reserve service, you can meet it during active-duty training in an Army residency or extend active-duty service after your initial commitment.

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The Army offers outstanding medical programs across specialties. If you are not selected for the Army First Year Graduate Medical Education (FYGME) program, you can delay active duty while completing your internship at a civilian facility. You may also postpone service to pursue civilian residency if it aligns with Army needs.

Upon graduation, you’ll join the Army Health Care Team, a dynamic healthcare organization serving millions. In this close-knit environment, you’ll forge unique professional bonds. Your service will continue a tradition of dedication to our nation, its soldiers, and medical advancement. The Army Health Care Team comprises a diverse corps, offering unparalleled healthcare diversity.

Application Process

  1. Contact a U.S. Army Recruiter: If you’re not in the military, contact an Army recruiter as a first step. Reach out to a U.S. Army Medical or local recruiter to schedule a preliminary interview to learn about joining the U.S. Army healthcare team and the HPSP application process. They will also provide the application forms. If you’re a current soldier, contact your commanding officer to inquire about how to apply. 
  1. Organize Necessary Paperwork: Gather your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test scores. You’ll need these to submit with your HPSP application.
  1. Complete your HPSP application: Plan to complete your HPSP application form at the same time as you apply to your desired medical schools. Include all of the medical schools you have applied to in your HPSP application.
  1. Submit your HPSP application: When your application is complete, submit it, along with your letters of acceptance, through your U.S. Army recruiter. A selection board will evaluate your application packet and send you an Award Notification letter if accepted.
  1. Finalize your HPSP Enrollment: Once you are accepted to an accredited physician of medicine or physician of osteopathic medicine degree program, contact your recruiter to finalize your HPSP enrollment.
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Contact: SFC Donald Forte

Health Care Center Leader

US Army Medical Recruiting Center

850 N Main St., Ext. Bldg. 2, Suite 2A

Wallingford, CT 06492

Office: 1-203-265-1576

Fax: 1-203-284-9204

Mail to:

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